Order Management

Order management in NetSuite refers to the process of handling and overseeing sales orders, from creation to fulfillment, within the NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. NetSuite’s order management functionalities streamline the entire order lifecycle, from the initial placement of an order to its completion, invoicing, and customer support.

NetSuite CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a sales solution that helps you automate, accelerate, and increase accuracy in the process of configuring, quoting, and ordering complex products and services by leveraging your business logic. By quoting and selling complex configurable items quickly, sales teams can improve customer experience and satisfaction while investing the saved time in enhancing the sales process.

How to create a configurator in netsuite CPQ?

In NetSuite, an estimate refers to a document that provides a detailed breakdown of the expected costs, prices, and quantities for goods or services that a company plans to provide to its customers. It serves as a preliminary proposal or quote that outlines the estimated expenses, pricing, and terms associated with a potential sale. 

How to create an estimate in NetSuite from the configurator

 Sales Manager needs to login to NetSuite as ‘AVI | VP – National Fleet Sales’ role. Through email notification/ NetSuite dashboard, manager can view the Estimates in his/her queue which are pending for approval  

How to approve or reject estimate in NetSuite

Once the Estimate is signed by the client (if it’s by DocuSign, the system will auto-generate the Sales Order else AE needs to manually hit the ‘Create Sales Order’ button in Estimate)

How to create a sales order from the estimate in NetSuite

Once the Sales Order is Finance Approved, the system will initiate Work Orders automatically for that Sales Order. The Work Order number will show up corresponding to each line item.

work order in netsuite

In NetSuite, sales order fulfillment refers to the process of completing customer orders by picking, packing, and shipping the items or services requested by the customer.

In NetSuite, the process of invoicing sales orders involves creating invoices for the goods or services that have been fulfilled and delivered to customers.

invoice the sales order

In NetSuite, canceling a sales order involves voiding or closing the order to prevent further processing, such as fulfillment or invoicing. The ability to cancel a sales order depends on its current status and whether any partial or complete actions (like fulfillment or invoicing) have been performed.

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