How To Create A Sales Order From The Estimate in NetSuite?

In NetSuite, a Sales Order is a document used to record and track customer sales transactions. It serves as a formal request made by a customer to purchase goods or services from a company. A Sales Order in NetSuite typically includes details about the items or services the customer wants to buy, such as quantities, prices, terms, and shipping information.

How to create a sales order from the estimate in NetSuite

Once the Estimate is signed by the client (if it’s by DocuSign, the system will auto-generate the Sales Order else AE needs to manually hit the ‘Create Sales Order’ button in Estimate)

1. AE can add Specific Notes in the Sales Order which will be referred to by respective departments

2. Add the Shipping Address in the Shipping subtab of the sales order.

3. You can add approvals for the sales order. For example, sales order needs an approval from the finance department. In this case, click on ‘Send to Finance for Approval’ button to send the SO to finance for approval

Stage: Sales Order Approval

The Sales Order will be in pending approval stage with the respective Finance member and he/she will be notified for the same. The order will show in queue of the assigned finance personnel and upon navigating to the SO and checking the financial validations, the Accounting person can Approve/Hold the Sales Order.

  • Finance member will have the Sales Order under his/her queue until the requirements are met.
  • When the order is ready to be processed, Click on ‘Approve’ button in Sales Order
  • Else, click on ‘Reject Order’ button to reject the order and move it back to AE’s queue

Documents attached in the Sales Order

The files/documents attached in any record like Estimate, Sales Order, Work Orders, Purchase Orders can be viewed at one common place in the Sales Order

Attaching any File

1. For attaching any file in any of the record. Click on Communication subtab go to Files and click on New File button

2. Select the appropriate Folder Name from the list or simply type and system will auto-fill

3. Choose the File

4. Click on Save

How to create a Sales Order from the Estimate?

Viewing all attached Documents in one place

You can create a custom subtab Documents and all the documents uploaded to the related record (like Configurator, estimate, PO, etc) of the Sales Order can be viewed

How to create a Sales Order from the Estimate?

Always refer to the official NetSuite documentation for detailed and specific guidance based on your NetSuite version. Additionally, you may want to involve your NetSuite administrator or seek assistance from NetSuite support for any specific challenges you encounter during the setup process.

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