How To Validate The Source Connection in NetSuite?

Validating a source connection typically involves checking whether a connection to a data source can be established successfully. The process may vary depending on the specific system or tool you are using. I’ll provide a general guideline, but you should refer to the documentation of the particular application or database you’re working with for accurate instructions.

How to Validate source connection in Netsuite

From Data Management, ensure that the source connection’s token-based authentication credentials are correct.

To set up the source connection:

1. Ensure that you are logged in to NetSuite.

2. Open a new browser tab and log in to your Planning and Budgeting application

3. Click the Navigator icon , and under Integration, click Data Management.

4. Click the Setup tab.

5. Under Register, click Source System.

6. Select the NetSuite_ERP source system, and then click Configure Source Connection.

The Configure Source Connection window displays.

How To Validate The Source Connection in NetSuite?

7. Verify that you have the correct token-based credentials and that the account number corresponds with the NetSuite Account ID for your company.

The user credentials is set up during the initial implementation.

How To Validate The Source Connection in NetSuite?

Tip: In NetSuite, you can find the NetSuite Account ID by going to Setup > Company > Company Information.

Remember, the steps can vary based on the technology you’re using. Whether it’s a database, API, or another type of source, understanding the specific requirements of the system is crucial for successful connection validation.

Always refer to the official NetSuite documentation for detailed and specific guidance based on your NetSuite version. Additionally, you may want to involve your NetSuite administrator or seek assistance from NetSuite support for any specific challenges you encounter during the setup process.

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