What are the Portlets for Planning and Budgeting Financials in NetSuite

In NetSuite, portlets are typically used in the dashboard to provide users with a quick overview of relevant information. However, the availability and specific details of them may vary based on your NetSuite account configuration, user roles, and the version of the software you are using. Additionally, Oracle frequently updates NetSuite, so it’s possible that there might be changes or additions to the available portlets.

What are the Portlets for planning and budgeting financials in Netsuite

For Planning and Budgeting Financials, you can take advantage of the following NSPB Sync portlets in NetSuite:

  • To check the current status of your NSPB Sync configuration, or to set it up quickly, you can use the NSPB Sync Checklist Portlet.
  • For monthly maintenance of your NetSuite account, you can use the following NSPB Sync portlets:
  • Job Execution Portlet
  • Execution Logs Portlets
  • Planning & Budgeting Substitution Variables Portlet
  • Planning & Budgeting Account Balance Portlet

Tip: Best practices for doing the monthly maintenance on your NetSuite account:

1. Check the Planning & Budgeting Substitution Variables Portlet to make sure that all the substitution variables in your Planning and Budgeting are up to date.

2. Execute a job from the Job Execution Portlet.

3. Watch the progress of the job execution in the corresponding Execution Logs portlet. See Execution Logs Portlets.

4. Click the Refresh icon on the Planning & Budgeting Account Balance Portlet to upload the account balance from your Planning and Budgeting.

To access these portlets, you need to add them manually to the Planning & Budgeting page in NetSuite.

The following screenshot shows an example of a customized Planning & Budgeting page:

What are the Portlets for Planning and Budgeting Financials in NetSuite

Please note that the specific portlets available to you will depend on your NetSuite configuration and the modules you have enabled. If you have specific requirements or if there have been updates to NetSuite since my last knowledge update, I recommend checking the NetSuite documentation, reaching out to NetSuite support, or consulting with your NetSuite administrator for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Always refer to the official NetSuite documentation for detailed and specific guidance based on your NetSuite version. Additionally, you may want to involve your NetSuite administrator or seek assistance from NetSuite support for any specific challenges you encounter during the setup process.

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